COVID CONVERSATIONS, CALIFORNIA CHILE + GERMANY Planning Issues, Questions, and Responses

Friday 22 of May was the COVID CONVERSATIONS CALIFORNIA CHILE + GERMANY, organized by the American Planning Association California Chapter Northern Section and PLANRED The Chilean Planners Network.

Hosts: Alex Hinds, Hing Wong, Roberto Moris and David Silva

Speakers: Suzanne Hague, Miguel Angel Vazquez, Diana Benitez and Paola Alfaro.


9:00 / 12:00    Welcome I Introductions I Overview – APA & PLANRED – Highlights in USA, California, Chile, Europe. Roberto Moris, David Silva, Hing Wong, and Alex Hinds
9:20 / 12:20  Outlook for Chile. Roberto Moris
9:30 / 12:30  State of California: Housing, Strategic Growth, Planning Law, General Plan Guidelines, Economic Recovery. Suzanne Hague
9:40 / 12:40  Conversations based on questions from the audience
9:50 / 12:50  Planners4Health – Disproportionate Impacts to People of Color, Elderly, Poor Miguel Angel Vazquez
10:00 / 13:00   Planners4Health – Healthy Eating, Active Living. Diana Benitez
10:10 / 13:10    Conversations based on questions from the audience
10:20 / 13:20    Lessons from PLANRED’s international conversations.  David Silva
10:25 / 13:25    Outlook for Germany. Paola Alfaro
10:35 / 13:35    Conversations based on questions from the audience.
10:45 / 13:45    Closing Comments


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